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Here's our list of the top grant writing and consulting experts in the United States. These professionals have established themselves as knowledgdable, talented and very experienced in the industry:

Alexis Carter-Black is the author of Getting Grants: The Complete Manual of Proposal Development and Administration. She is also the long-time Coordinator of Grants and Contracts at Oklahoma City Community College. Her experience includes researching funding sources, grant proposal idea development, and more. Her book includes an exclusive CD-ROM with forms and checklists to use in grants administration. For more details, contact her at

Beverly A. BrowningBeverly A. Browning is a business grant writing consultant with two decades of experience. Based in Buckeye, Arizona, she has helped her clients receive grant awards of more than $100 million. She is the author of several publications, including Grant Writing For Dummies, Faith-Based Grants: Aligning Your Church to Receive Abundance, and Winning Strategies for Developing Grant Proposals. For more details, contact her at or

Brian K. Hicks is a long-time public affairs official who is the founder of Hicks Partners based in Dublin, Ohio. His company offers several services including public relations and business development services. Under the business development sector, Hicks offers business grant research, writing, planning and administration. For more details, visit

John Stoebig is the founder of Grant Writer - a company that offers grant writing services for for public, private or nonprofit agencies. His company also does grant funding searches, proposal development, research, proposal review, and proposal evaluation. His experience goes back more than 33 years. For more details, visit

Matthew LeskoMatthew Lesko is a New York Times best-selling author and a free government money expert who wrote a book entitled Free Money For Entrepreneurs . Best known for his late night infomercials, Lesko has been highlighted in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Sun Times, and more. For more details, visit and

Maurene J. HindsMaurene J. Hinds is an author and instructor that specializes in writing for teens and educational technical writing. Her book Grant Writing Made Easy is a step-by-step guide to writing education and business grants. It features FAQs, sample grants, writing templates, and a directory of grant opportunities. For more details, contact her at or

Pittershawn PalmerPittershawn Palmer is an author, ghostwriter, journalist, speechwriter, and more. She has published dozens of articles covering business, literary and general topics - and is best known for her flawless research for African American publications. She also is a grant writer who has prepared several effective business grant proposals and business letters. For more details, contact her at

Research Associates is a company based in Columbia, SC, that offers grant writing services, books, software, and training services. Founded in 1985, the company is a leader in the industry. Their staff consists of talented and experienced researchers, grant writers, trainers, program evaluators, and more. For more details, visit

Sarah S. Brophy is a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED-AP) that helps her clients develop and fund sustainable museums. Based in Easton, Maryland, she creates grants development plans and prepares grant applications for green projects and other museum interests. She is the author of a book entitled The Green Museum. For more details, visit

Sharon Fullen is a freelance writer and author. She has authored several books, most notably How to Get the Financing for Your New Small Business: Innovative Solutions from the Experts Who Do It Every Day. The book encourages entrepreneurs to explore traditional financing methods, such as business grants. Readers are taught how to set up proper financial statements and business plans, and how to get SBA loans, ventural capital, investor angels, and more. For more details, contact her at

The Grant Consultants, Inc. is a premier grants development firm in the Greater Atlanta Area. They offer unique professional grant writing services to 501(c)(3) organizations, businesses, and public entities throughout the country. For more info, visit

Travis Belcher is the founder of Grant Proposal & Research and Nonprofit Services based in Knoxville, Tennessee. For over 12 years, his company has been helping clients with grant proposal writing and grant funding research. His team of specialists have helped several non-profit and for-profit organizations obtain funding from grantmakers. For more details, visit

If interested in the services of these grant experts, please get in contact with them directly.




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