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FHLB Economic Development Program (EDP) Plus Grants

The EDPPlus Small Business Grant Program is a first-come, first served non-competitive small business grant program, designed to assist member institutions in providing capital to under-served areas or to under-served populations.

It is designed to promote and enhance small business development, and to foster business relationships between member institutions, small businesses, and small business development organizations.

It is also designed to create and retain jobs, and to assist member institutions in providing capital tounder served areas or to under served populations.

The funds must be used in conjunction with an EDP Advance from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas. Member institutions may apply for a maximum of $100,000 in EDPPlusfunds per year, up to $25,000 may be granted to any one small business.

Small business owners must contribute an amount equal to at least 15 percent of the member institution's EDP advance, and applications must be submitted by a member institution.

Award Amount:
Up to $25,000




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