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CDC Procurement and Grants Office

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) awards nearly 85 percent of its budget through grants and contracts to help accomplish its mission to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability.

Contracts procure goods and services used directly by the agency, and grants assist other health-related and research organizations that contribute to CDC's mission through health information dissemination, preparedness, prevention, research, and surveillance.

Each year, the CDC awards approximately $7 billion in over 14,000 separate grant and contract actions, including simplified acquisitions.

Because CDC grants are intended to support a public purpose - health promotion and disease prevention for people throughout the United States and around the world - the CDC provides grants to organizations whose work affects many people. The CDC does not provide financial assistance to individuals for their healthcare costs; however, the federal government provides this type of assistance through Medicare and Medicaid.

Similarly, the CDC does not provide start-up funds or loans for health-related businesses or projects; however, they have tons of contract opportunities.

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